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Make yourself feel at home; we want to be your new branding company.

Our company

Founded in 2005 by Grupo Auge, Augebrands was created on this very principle: to provide our clients with the highest quality services and solutions in the brand management field.

This time, we took the decision of opening new markets to work with companies from around the world to share our experience with them and to help them build, transform and evolve their brands from the inside out.

Our strengths

Commercial strategies
Forward-looking approach
Market integration
Development of brands and projects

“Remember: The brand experience must exceed the customer´s perception of the brand.”

- Stan Rapp -

Our Services

We know that finding the right name and image for your brand is a matter of craftsmanship and art.
First, through lexical processes, we create the name, slogan and content of the brand, ensuring a unique and resonant sound.
Then, we cover all aspects of brand identity by creating visual supports for bringing the new brand into life preserving its identity, strength and soul.

  • Corporate image development
  • Corporate identity development
  • Communication strategy
  • Corporate logo redesign
  • Corporate identity manual / brand-book
  • Corporate image consulting
  • Advocacy and communication
  • Advertising campaign development
  • Printed media design
  • Product and packaging design
  • Interior and architectural design
  • Special publications
Servicios Corporativos

Nowadays, multimedia is vital for the effective communication of companies and their brands.
For this reason, our talented mix of professionals dig deep for delivering new ways to bring creativity into digital communication to place our clients at the forefront of innovation and technology.

  • Photographic portfolio
  • Photo shoot
  • Photo editing
  • Digital and printed files
  • Film and animation
  • Creative brief
  • Script
  • Audio and voice recording
  • Digital animation
  • Digital brochure
  • Corporate brochure design
  • Interactive elements
  • Touch-Pad dynamic interface
  • Photo gallery
  • Video animation solutions
  • Vertical and horizontal layout
  • Dynamic link to webpage and social media
  • App development
Servicios Corporativos

In this digital era, new communication channels are being integrated into our everyday life.
For this reason, we offer our clients a large range of integral web solutions to help them connect their brands with potential customers online.
We deeply analyze each company in order to create specific content focused on social media or websites.

  • Social media management
  • Facebook and Twitter
  • Website design
  • Daily updating
  • Special designs
  • Delivery of monthly results
  • Monthly advertising campaign
  • Analysis of corporate profile
  • Website
  • Website design and layout
  • Web programming
  • Hosting and domain
  • Online chat and contact interface
  • Mailing
Servicios Corporativos

Welcome to Augebrands


Each work we perform becomes a part of us.

Not only do we embrace it from the very first moment we take it, but we also look after every detail of it with an entrepreneurial vision.

Meet our projects.

cups of coffee
tennis matches

Meet the Augebrands team

A successful project starts with a great idea, and today we are very proud to share the success of Augebrands. This is the best way of expressing our gratitude for the ideas that flow every single day in our work universe.
In Augebrands young and fresh talents merge with the expertise and commitment of the leaders that have consolidated this company. Today, we want to share our world of ideas with you.

Our values are mirrored in the success of each project.

To our friends and clients, thank you for your trust.

Contact Us

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811-301 Avenue atwater
Montreal Quebec H3J 2S6

+1 (438) 998-2464

Monday - Friday

Hours: 9:00 am - 6:00 pm


Av. Novelistas 5137,
Jardines Vallarta
Zapopan, Jalisco 44110

01 33 3673 2001

Monday - Friday

Hours: 9:00 am - 6:00 pm