junio 20, 2019
junio 20, 2019

Budget Propane

Budget Propane specializes in propane distribution and the sale of propane appliances.

Connect your new appliance to the propane tank, complete the inspection of all material and ensure that your system is in working order from the onset.
Our teams strive to meet the highest standards in safety and exceed expectations in customer service.


Propane is the most cost effective and easiest clean fuel for high consumption fleets to use.

Propane reduces greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and improves air quality while it saves your fleet money. For a high consumption fleet operating on propane instead of conventional fuel, the cost savings will typically pay for the conversion investment within the first year.

Propane is cheaper than conventional gasoline, ethanol blended gasoline and diesel on a net fuel cost basis. Propane pricing has been more stable relative to gasoline over over the past 12 years and with abundant Canadian supply, propane availability is not a concern.


Budget Propane is a partner with P38 Inc., offering a complete Made in Canada solution to fleet owners and operators.